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Our offer includes providing communication services across all communication channels - traditional and modern, whether standard or tailored. We create them specifically to respond to the individual needs and expectations of our contractors' clients. Check how CCIG can benefit you.

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Scope of services

Are you wondering how to optimize the operation of an in-house call center? Are considering outsourcing? Or maybe looking for ways to sell more? For all your B2B and B2C contact center needs – we’ve got you covered. Activities that build the image of our clients in the eyes of their customers are our bread and butter. By using our knowledge and experience, we dynamically adapt to changes that are taking place in the markets of our clients. We constantly monitor and analyze the environment. We listen to our clients and try to understand their needs. We strive to be the obvious choice for those seeking the best call center services.

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Call center Call center

Operating on the market since 2002 we know that we know what it takes to run a successful call center. Concrete actions and achievements have made us the market leader we are today. Specialized telephone customer consultants, quality services, maximum efficiency, superb communications, good office conditions and infrastructure, proprietary software, dedicated project owners – the combination of all these factors guarantees our versatility and understanding of the business.

Range and form of operations:

  • B2B/B2C
  • services  24h/7
  • polish and multilingual service
  • dedicated team
  • logistatical service delivery

We guarantee:

  • effective campaign management
  • operational safety and continuity
  • technologial support

We have experience in multiple manufacturing and service sectors in terms of:

professional customer service:

    • information hotline
    • complaint handling
    • helpdesk
    • back office
    • consumer research (CATI and CAWI)
    • implementing welcoming actions

effective sales:

  • acquisition
  • maintenance
  • upselling

data input

  • data entry (data input from paper forms) using OCR system

creating client databases:

  • completing databases
  • generating leads
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Communication channel

At CCIG we know that modern customers:

  • seek good value for money (and often compare products)
  • expect impressive choice (not only in terms of products and services but also retailers)
  • seek empowerment in the purchasing process (when, where and how)
  • demand immediate access (and gratification for their decision)
  • are at the center of technological expansion (and our duty is to keep up with them)

That’s why we use and integrate all available channels of communication, both traditional and modern, to reach customers, win and maintain them.

  • Telephone
  • Sms
  • Registering calls in advanced ticketing systems
  • Direct mail
  • E-mail
  • Chat

As many as 97% of Internet users purchased at least one thing on the online. Using the Internet to compare products and services has become the norm. This is why we believe LiveChat is the future of eCommerce. It allows to provide the customers with the “here and now”, immediate assistance, exactly when they need it. This increases the probability of sale as soon as the customer first visits the site. Anonymity of interaction, interactivity of product presentation, full mobility and seamless integration with the Contractor’s systems are just some of the advantages of this channel of communication. However, installing the application alone will not make you sell more.

At CCIG, we are able to leverage all of its advantages:

  • effective use of over 25 functionalities
  • operational experience
  • various scenarios for specific business purposes
  • specialized agents



contact center outsourcing


By choosing CCIG to outsource specialized business processes you can rest assured of the results. Our model of management, methods of handling business processes, infrastructure and technology will work towards increasing your company’s efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, bringing tangible savings. CCIG provides you with:

Infrastructure, including:

  • the biggest call center in Central and Eastern Europe
  • multiple facilities – 7 sales locations across five cities in Poland, back office and logistics center
  • 1255 agent workstations

Multilevel service, including:

  • professional customer service provided in all languages
  • multi-channel customer reach
  • guaranteed continuity of operation and specialized customer service provided 24/7

Tangible savings:

  • elimination of all costs associated with the organization of an internal call center
  • settlement model tailored to your needs
  • transfer of liability and operational risk
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