Work straight after University?


The times are over when a student just studied and partied for 5 years.  Thesedays, anyone who thinks seriously about their future must almost from the beginning of their University course, look for additional options to gain professional experience.

Fewer and fewer people now think that finishing a degree will guarantee getting a good job.  Today theoretical knowledge has to be backed up with practical experience.  When is the best time to gain such experience? The answer is simple, during your time at University.

Shortly the new academic year will begin.  Companies who keenly employ students have been preparing for some time for the October wave of employees wanting to begin work.  But students are not keen to work in areas that are not connected with their area of study, explaining that these days the job market professional experience with qualifications is what counts.  And that is why employers target specific small groups with their job offers.  Banks look for employees in economic universities, pharmaceutical companies look for students of medicine or pharmaceutical courses, hotels prefer tourism and recreation students,  IT companies choose polytechnics and companies like call centers look for students who learn on all of the aforementioned courses.

 A perfect combination
Work straight after University?

What about a call center?
A company like a call center or rather a contact center deals in contact with the client using different kinds of communication channels, among others live chat, video chat, email and telephone. More and more companies are outsourcing these kind of tasks, leading to the dynamic development of the contact center industry and the need for a lot of specialised employees. – We undertake very different kinds of projects for banks, travel agencies, pharmaceutical companies or companies from the energy sector.  We need people who know about the specifics of a certain area, they know the basic terminology and have specific knowledge of the subject matter.  We can find them already among first and second year students- says Marta Kosowicka, HR manager from the company Call Center Inter Galactica – Experience gained with us can help someone find their ideal target job, she adds. Although working in a call center still does not have a the best reputation, there are those who find it positive.  It is the ideal solution for connecting various things – work, studying, gaining experience and developing.

How to combine work with studying?
In order to do this there are different solutions – you could study part-time, try an individual study plan or get a job in a company which is keen to employ students – Our advantage on the job market is a flexible working schedule – summarises Kosowicka – Telephone consultants have the possibility to choose which days and which hours and how many days a month they want to spend with us.  Also, Universities are more open to the solution and facilitate those who combine studying with working, which makes it possible to work even if you are studying on a full-time course.  To make this work you need to be able to plan your time effectively.  If someone does not want to work all day, they can work on a part-time contract.

Giving up a few hours a day to work, leaves plenty of time left for other responsibilities and pleasures.  And employers tempt young employees with interesting trainings and workshops, financial independence and professional work experience. So it is worth thinking about a practical use for the knowledge gained at University. –  Not many people realise that in a company such as a call center you find the kind of positions like advisor of websites, which is aimed at IT students, or internet advisor, which is aimed at journalism, marketing and social communication students, among others – says Monika Kwiecien HR Business Partner with Call Center Galactica. – We’re looking for student who are interested for example in issues such as the energy sector or banking products, who are creative, open and who want to share their knowledge – she adds.  That is why students who during their studies use their knowledge in practise, after 5 years of studying have no problems in the job market.

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