Two days – two events. CCIG at the trade fairs in Warsaw.


On the 14th and 15th of October during the Outsourcing Trade Fair and Intelligence in Business Forum, we spoke about different aspects of service in the omnichannel model.  What were the results? Being close to clients is not enough.  Above all you need to understand them.

The Outsourcing Trade Fairs, Expo center XXI
Representatives from 12 sectors and 150 sub sectors of various industries were at the trade fairs.  For CCIG it was an opportunity to undertake inspiring conversations and exchange opinions about current trends in an informal atmosphere.

At this year’s trade fairs the conversation was dominated by the issue of improving the quality of sales and customer service, particularly in the omnichannel model.  That is why those visiting our stall were interested in the potential given by working in the Mok Yok group which CCIG belongs to.  Cooperating in a strong group allows us to connect an effective call center with the newest „cloud” tools from Fly on the Cloud and the personalisation of Laurens Coster with the professional e-commerce service of Fast White Cat.  In this way we can be sure of integrated communication and better, more effective targeting of client contact.

At the trade fairs we did not only discuss sales and the technical side of custoner contact via innovative communication channels – socal media or live chat.  We also discussed topics connected with recruitment methods and ways to get the best experts, who can effectively provide services in our new model.  At CCIG we understand perfectly that clients change their expectations, which calls for excellent interpersonal skills from the specialists providing the service.

Intelligence in Business Forum, Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
The forum concentrated on the newest technology and included 6 exhibitors and 52 speakers.  The discussion was based on 3 topics:
# Customer Intelligence – discussions about the best ways to use customer data
# Sales Performance – discussions about the omnichannel transformation
# Data Management – dedicated to analysing customer data

During the forum we observed that more and more companies are paying attention to the correct segmentation of customers and to fitting them to the correct channels and correct products.  We are pleased about this trend as it means that the care taken by CCIG brings about the most effective results.  We know that paying attention to the quality of communication and choosing the ideal way to communicate allows us to build and maintain positive customer opinion, and in turn brings about higher sales figures.

Another clear trend is sales diversification, offering extra services and looking for new sales channels for them.  This tendency will probably remain for the near future.  This was confirmed by all those interested at the Forum in the tools offered by CCIG which present offers to customers in completely new ways.  With the help of Social Media Sales, where an opinion on a specific subject is searched for in social networks or live chat applications, through which we have direct contact in the moment when the client is looking at the website of our contractor.  Exact analysis of preferred means of contact shows that telesales will still be effective.  In other words, doing everything in order to be close to the client and understand his or her expectations.

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