Telephone information service known as the Helpdesk system…


Helpline – telephone information service known as the Helpdesk system. What is it and what do you know about it? In other words, it is commonly known as HelpDesk. The helpline is generally a help desk that serves to provide information and solve problems concerning products and services related to a given company or product. It provides support and information to end users, clients, contractors as well as other entities associated with it. On a daily basis, we encounter such service as helpline. Where? As an ordinary consumer we encounter a consumer helpline at every step. Starting with grocery shopping and products of everyday use, going further through all kinds of electronic devices, such as computers, home appliances and other appliances, and ending with various and widely understood financial and banking services. Who has never called the helpline to take advantage of the advice of a customer service specialist or of a telephone customer advisor?

Exactly – helpline, helpdesk system, telephone information service whatever called, are common and useful. In large companies and corporations, the helpdesk concept is increasingly used instead of the information helpline and technical support, especially in B2B relations and on the intra-structured levels of large companies.

It is worth noting that currently any self-respecting company that offers anything for cash equivalent provides a helpline. But does it really? Generally it does, but not necessarily its own independent helpline – at this point appears Call Center such as ours. The provision of helpline services is a very important product of every major Contact Center – at least on the Polish market. Telephone helplines, technical support teams or IT staff do not have to be in every branch or office. Access to many applications and software allows remote assistance at almost any time.

The effective operation of the HelpDesk is related to certain functions that it should and can provide depending on the scope of activities. HelpDesk essentially tracks users’ problems using software that records alerts and defects. It enables classification of problems and sorts them by unique numbers of entries, users or accounts. It is also possible to separate the HelpDesk section at the enterprise level, strictly internal, which handles all tickets and applications, assigns priorities and implements them in an orders sequence. In the case of Call Center, the main project teams in the area of helpdesk are helpline teams that are responsible for the telephone infrastructure of contractors, thus providing B2C contact center services between consumers and producers of products and services. This is a very common phenomenon for large, well-known brands, entering foreign markets, not having a central office or infrastructure in the place of the target development of the brand. Consumer helpline services are widely used in a broadly defined trade, finance, banking, medical services and many other industries.

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