On+Off=Omnichannel. Raport from the IV eHandel Forum


The IV eHandel Forum focused on implementing omnichannel services.  During the trade fair, we exhibited together with Fast White Cat (e-commerce specialists) who, like CCIG, also belong to the Mok Yok group.

Our experience coincides with the observations of speakers and other exhibitors of the IV e-Handel Forum.  The potential of internet sales is growing before our very eyes – it often makes up 20% of the transaction and in some situations even reaches 50%.  For the end client, the boundaries between both channels are slowing blurring. – We can not ignore the fact that clients more often have contact with the brand in online channels than offline. Thats why it is so important to acheive full integration.  Furthermore, whichever way we reach the client, contact with him should be as personalised as possible.  That is why in CCIG we emphasise among other things personalising scripts for specific client sectors or specific client base targeting for certain marketing actions – says Adrian Najczuk, Business Development Manager for CCIG.

What will be the biggest challenge for the sales branch?  Complete connection of off and online services.  We can observe the tendancy that companies are moving from crosschannel to omnichannel with the aim of ensuring a seamless sales experience.  However, on the way to full integration, there are misunderstandings which unfortunately can be felt by the client, eg, lack of passing on information about an order between a real life shop and an online shop, which can lead to delays in supplies to the client.

The most interesting part of the trade fair are the backstage discussions. Then we can exchange information and experience with e-commerce experts.  Together we decided how to get past various obstacles and (IT) and logistical systems, in order to completely move to the omnichannel model.  We came back convinced that we need to motivate offline channels, among them direct sellers, to not be afraid of „the online” and to support the omnichannel model by directing clients to those channels – says Cezary Kożon, CEO Fast White Cat.

With the passing of the 21st and 22nd of October IV e-Handel Forum in Warsaw, we ended a trade fair filled autumn for CCIG.  But because we know that it is always worth while to talk – and not only at the fairs – we invite you to contact us:
T: +48 71 722 72 00
E: [:]

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