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CCIG is a unique organization operating in the contact center industry run by professionals that specialize in effective, multi-channel B2C and B2B business communications.

Dziś i jutro

We’re a company belonging to the CCIG Group – one of the biggest key groups of call centers in Poland.  Among others it is made up of Call Center Inter Galactica, Call Center Poland and Call Center Dynamic Sales, which have a well-built and stable position in the call center industry.  Each company undertakes call and contact center service outsourcing.  The headquarters are in Wroclaw and Warsaw and there are branches in 9 cities all over Poland.

Business maintenance and development lies on 3 pillars:

Pillar 1 – Creative PEOPLE

specialized support departments, experienced managers, creative atmosphere, development path and talent management, comprehensive incentive scheme, concentration on individual and team goals, developing partner relationships, respect and shared values.

Pillar 2 – Flexible PROCESSES

smooth internal and external communication, effective sales, recruitment, efficient implementation of new projects, controlling and reporting, logistics, customer service, quality assurance, returns and complaints, back office.

Pillar 3 – Modern TECHNOLOGIES

proprietary operating system, BI and BPM class tools, guaranteed continuity, IT infrastructure, own applications, complementary solutions, monitoring center, integration with external systems and applications.


# Mission

We combine the worlds of our contractors and customers in ways that exceed their expectations.
Every day we go beyond the beaten path and draw inspiration from the fact that everyone is unique. We make innovation of tomorrow available today, remembering that it is always worth to talk.

# Vision

We strive to become the “obvious choice” contact center in all our markets, making people, processes and technologies the foundations of our development.


Our number

  • Bądź sobą. ZAWSZE.
  • SŁUCHAJ i MÓW odważnie, bądź otwarty na dialog
  • Swoim ENTUZJAZMEM inspiruj do działania
  • Bądź ZDETERMINOWANY, aby osiągnąć cel
  • Zawsze GRAJ CZYSTO
  • Cokolwiek robisz pamiętaj, że DOBRZE to za mało
  • Poszukuj NOWYCH MOŻLIWOŚCI, bądź otwarty na zmiany
  • ROZWIJAJ SIĘ każdego dnia i pomagaj w tym innym
  • Bądź SKROMNY, ale pamiętaj o swoich talentach
  • PRACUJ Z KLIENTEM tak, aby cieszył się, że to właśnie z Tobą może realizować swoje cele

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