Is it worth investing in internal marketing?


According to the theory of Philip Kotler, one of the precursors and the most well-known authors of marketing management books, the company’s strategy should be communicated in an appropriate way to the internal client, that is, all employees of the company. The very terms of internal marketing or internal communication may be seen differently. Especially that the field of marketing itself is a wide concept, understood, generally, as broad promotional activities of the company, whereas communication is the process of transferring information. In fact the goal is the synergy of these two concepts for the implementation of communication strategies in the organization.

Internal communication in a company is a complex concept that requires continuous monitoring, planning, appropriate actions and improvement. Its complexity lies in the continuous involvement in the implementation of organizations’ and employees’ internal marketing activities. On the one hand, there is the message sender and on the other – the recipient. However, both positions must be interchangeable, as both parties should be the senders and recipients of the information transmitted in internal communication. Regular monitoring helps to track employees’ reactions to whether the communication in the organization is carried out appropriately and whether the messages contained therein are valuable and relevant to the recipients.

Marketing in a company undoubtedly requires time and a proper budget. However, the most important element are people. Without their participation, implementation of any, even the best strategy, will be impossible. Incentive systems in the company are one of the components of internal marketing in which the investment has to be made. Ideally, in a thoughtful way and at various levels, for example, by offering additional financial opportunities in the form of bonuses for performing clearly defined tasks or achieving goals. Adjusting the workplace is also extremely important. Each person pays attention to something else, so it is worth listening and trying to respond to the needs of employees. This will help in creating appropriate bilateral internal communication and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Without internal marketing, many processes are often disrupted. This is not only about communication in the organization. It is also about the phenomena such as identification with the company or understanding the function it has on the market. So it is worth keeping the ear to the ground and identifying in some way with the company and colleagues. Creating teams helps in building relationships within the company and motivates to work. Boosting motivation has a huge impact on the work results, all communication within the organization and shaping opinions about the company among external recipients. Therefore, it is worth, without a doubt, investing in internal marketing, just like in the external one. Everything, however, must be encapsulated with the adequate strategy and its implementation – which is not easy. However, we ourselves are the bedrock of the internal marketing strategy.

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