Hurray! The first job

We understand perfectly that combining work with studies is a great challenge and  that is why we appreciate the fact that you think about your future when studying. We will do anything to make it easier for you.

1.Fixed hourly rate

You will get a fixed hourly rate of PLN 13.70 gross, regardless of the working hours you do. It is simple – you work 100 hours, you get PLN 1370

2.Bonuses and commissions

In  addition to a fixed rate, each month you work out a provision and a bonus for your results and successes relating to your tasks on a given project. You can also participate in sales and motivation competitions, where you can win money or in-kind prizes.

3.One month = two salaries

We pay your remuneration twice a month, until the 7th of each month we pay for all the housr you did and the commission for your results will be on your bank account by 21st. Your money will always be on time.


We do not expect professional experience from you- we will provide you with it. First, you will participate in a series of Uknow trainings, where you will get to know everything about the products and services, and you will get the knowledge of how to get the interest of clients and examine their needs. You will also become familiar with the modern sales techniques, the techniques of argumentation, negotiation and dispersing objections. While at work you can also rely on competence workshops, coaching and daily support from the Manager and Trainers.

5.Become an Expert

Even a shy person can become a successful salesperson. When you work as  a telephone consultant every conversation teaches you self-confidence, effective communication or negotiation. It will make you a real expert in a short time.


Each department has a resting section where we relax playing table football, PS3 games or having some fruit bites. Fresh fruit is delivered to us twice a week.


Every month you have access to a new card with discounts on products and services popular with young people.

8.Work with the people you know

Join a team that is made up of people just like you- young, energetic, ready to face new challenges. You will get in sync quickly and you will gain new friends. You can also bring your friends to us- you will feel better together!

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