Generation Y – disloyal, defiant, undiscovered


Generation Y is already legendary – the generation of freedom, technological expansion, unlimited possibilities, cultural melting pot.  At CCIG we work with over 2500 young people.  Everyday.  Which is how we also know that they are growing up at a time of huge competition, unequal opportunities and overgrown ambitions.  This co-operation is not always a bed of roses – it is sad when they leave us, sometimes we face a lack of humility, but we know one thing: Generation Y is a mine of talent, passion and possibilities, a secret which is worth discovering.  Marcin Kapralski – Managing Director of CCIG spoke about the challenges, dialogue and co-operation with young people during the conference „ Generation Y – access codes” organised by Instytut Talentów Flashpoint and Agencia PR Time, under the patronage of the Leon Kozminski Akademia.

They say that Generation Y is the freedom generation.  Is that true?  Unlimited apparent freedom, closes attitudes, creates disloyalty, defiancy and…makes real discovery more difficult.  It is therefore no surprise to ask if Generation #Google, #Millenium, #PeterPan is a place for #work, #responsibility,  and #financialindependence?

It would seem that it is.  Every month, almost 1400 new people apply to CCIG.  Every week – each Friday – we send out over 1900 bank transfers.  Annually, almost 40 million zloties flows to the accounts of our Advisors.

On the other hand, the aggressive technological advances in whose epicentre they grew up and function today have left their mark on their characters, behaviour and lifestyle.  Generation Y is programmed for constant consumption, they need permanent stimulation and continuous access – here and now. This melting pot of conditions and possibilities in which they grew up has also changed Generation Y’s approach to work, and also to employers.  Luckily it is far from the idea that: I work to survive, or I live to work, which took away real job satisfaction and only made life harder.  Today a common attitude is; I work to live.  However, often this positive, healthy idea is unbalanced in Generation Y.  The famous work-private life balance for Generation Y is unfortunately interpreted in a way which impacts negatively on their attitude – creating a careless approach to time and the scope and realisation of assigned tasks.

Some time ago, PriceWaterHouseCoopers carried out some research among young people and asked them what was important in their opinion when choosing a place to work with.  In the TOP 10 were; the possibility of career development, the employer prestige/level of salary, the work atmosphere, the possibility of trainings and development, work-life balance, employer branding/work full of challenges, work matching your interests, a responsible and independent position, working in a multinational company, non-wage work conditions.  And what does this show?  Actually…nothing.  Whom among us does not have or did not have such a wish list when choosing an employer?  Everyone wants to do something they know and love, get a good salary for their work, develop, work for a stable company in a great atmosphere.  There are no differences between the expectations of Generation Y and what Generation X expects and expected.  The problem, or maybe the challenge – is that Generation X is creating what Generation Y demands.  X’s are aware of their work, effort, work acheivements and salary, they understand perfectly that the atmosphere at work depends on them.  Y’s on the other hand know exactly what they want, but when they don’t get it, they leave ruthlessly without feeling guilty.

At CCIG we understand that Generation Y has wants and even demands.  We’re not afraid of that and we do everything possible to fulfil them.  Working with one of the biggest call centers in Central-Eastern Europe, wages every Friday, a flexible work schedule which allows studying to be combined with working, a competitive salary system – a guarenteed salary and commission and bonuses, a modern training system, operational and specialised development paths and the possibility of a career in another company from the group, access to sports cards, free LUXMED medical care, a relaxation area in every branch – ps3, table football, darts, team building, financing talents and participation in socal events.  Everyone who works with CCIG has access to the full list of benefits.

And yet… we still face staff rotation.  And constantly have to ask ourselves – why?  The lack of loyalty of Generation Y is a serious problem for employers, including CCIG.  Is it that Generation Y does not know the difference between aspirations and dreams? Or do they know what they want, but not how to go about acheiving it?  And a lack of knowledge often leads to rebllion, frustration and a lack of humility.  This is all spiced up by the fact that even within Generation Y we can see a split.  Today not only do grandparents not understand their granchildren, but 30 year olds don’t understand 20 year olds. 20 year olds are just beginning to work, as they are still studying, and 30 year olds already have plenty of work experience behind them.  They are connected by a lack of humility, but divided by experience, which means that younger members of Generation Y are closer to Generation Z and the older members – to Generation X.

Two different levels – two different functions – two different responsibilities – one Generation Y – the same hmmm… lack of humility.  How can managers cope with this situation?  Here are some of the opinions of managers, members of Generation Y about their consultants – also members of Generation Y.

On the other hand, when asked what they value about their team, they all state the same positive characteristics – ambitious, trustworthy, disciplined, focused on the aim, enthusiastic, wanting to develop, punctual, helpful, strong, upcoming, intelligent, not taking themselves too seriously, involved, sense of humour…So, what about that lack of humility?  Is Generation Y defiant or not?  Or…lets ask the question a little differently – is a lack of humility really a bad thing?

According to the dictionary, a person lacking humility is someone who; is aware of their perfect nature, is not modest, does not think that anyone is better than them, is willfull.  So maybe – if we are sufficiently open, flexible and ready for dialogue, we should look at this another way?  Because of course, knowledge of our own perfections means that we are aware of what we can do and what we are capable of.  The fact that I am not modest, means that I can show what I’m best at.  And it doesn’t mean I don’t follow authority, but rather than I value partner relationships.  And if I’m willfull, it means I defend my convictions.  Defiancy can be something positive, which allows someone to be self-confident in a positive way, develop my competencies and talents, build my own authority.  Under the condition that this is…. purposeful defiance, and not simply effrontery, arrogance, lack of authority and intractabilty, without real evidence that this self confidence hides a worthwhile person.  At CCIG, our mission is to help young people to discover this.  Lets consider some examples.

Mateusz, who has been with us since 2010, began as a Consultant and today is a Manager.  Mateusz does not have fantastic sales figures.  But he has something special – charisma and a great social involvement.  He is able to engage people in an action – from responsible common blood donation to an entertaining dinasaur exhibition.  Furthermore he is calm, humble and bases his behaviour on strong values.  He has a further passion – filming videos.  He is almost never apart from his camera.  He realises his vision or registers situations and emotions to help remember them.  He is the creator or CCIG TV – our channel on You Tube, which shows real life at CCIG.  Nobody forced him to do this, it was his own iniciative, desire and involvement. He does not expect to get paid for it.  He is just pleased, that he can do this together with us.  That is how Mateusz is.  That is also certainly why he got the maximum number of votes in our company action to finance talents – CCIG Enthusiasts.  He dreamt of an expensive piece of film equipment and received financing worth several thousand zloties.  Mateusz says, if you don’t aim for the impossible, you’ll never reach it.

Sara.  A Telephone Customer Advisor continuously since April 2012.  Over 3 years of constant telephone contact with clients.  An impressive training on the telephone.  But Sara says that everyday work with such different people has brought about positive changes in her.  Interpersonal skills, openness to others, greater understanding and acceptance of different people – thats what CCIG has taught her.  She feels good here.  She likes our „globalisation”, that we follow rules and structures but at the same time can exchange views and experience. She feels that in CCIG its always important to converse.  She has never wanted to be a manager.  Maybe because she is shy, although she likes people, she likes to speak to them, to see things from different perspectives.  But she doesn’t want to manage people.  But she wants to manage knowledge. Whatever the topic Sara gets involved in every project.  She has a holistic approach to business – she doesn’t only concentrate on one specific solution, but she sees its effect on sales, training and people management.  She does not limit herself.  She listens and discusses.  In this way, she sees new points of view and can use this base to find new, practical, realistic but original solutions.  She doesn’t expect payment for this.  For her what is important is feedback about whether what she proposes can be used in business.  It’s very important for her.  That is why she spends a lot of time imporving herself, hours spent in the Kielce library reading about leadership, personal psychology, managing Human Resources, motivation in business, interviews with successful people.  She keeps notebooks with her notes in, takes part in online coaching and webinars.  What for?  She always had ambitions to learn a lot.  She constantly wants to improve something, perfect it, mend it or change it.  Sara says, that through CCIG she gains many perspectives and possibilities.  And we think that we gain them through Sara.

It will be ok or it won’t.  And depite the fact that theoretically everyone feels pressure to get results and the highest salary – at the end of the day that is what they are working for, but everyone sometimes has a bad day or bad week, when they don’t want to work to a normal schedule.

Patrycja and Przemek don’t have bad days.  No matter what the day, market tendency, change in sales target – if we check the results from any quarter, they are always among the best.  The best salesmen – focused on the target, concentrated on results, knowing what they want to acheive financially and why.

Disloyal, defiant, irresponsible, caring about nothing, not followng authority, not understanding that what they do is important?  Is that how, in just the year 2015, we collected over 170 litres of blood?  Every quarter, without being ordered to, of their own free will, wanting to help, involved and socially responsible, caring about the fate of others, almost 340 people take part in our jointly organised with PCK, blood donation action.

Generation Y.  Disloyal.  Defiant.  Undiscovered.  Sensitive.  Ambitious.  Involved.  Creative.  Intelligent.  Disciplined.  Focused on development.  Hard-working.  Socially responsible and responsible in business.  Independent.  Does anyone have any doubts?  At CCIG we don’t

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