Back office

Department responsible for what happens at the “back” of sales, in other words the complex process of after sales and making sure everything  goes as it should.  The speedy input of contracts, their verification and filling in any missing information guarentees that the customer receives the ordered product quickly.  Effective dealing with complaints, returns and waivers, affects how the company is perceived by the consumer. (more…)


Call center

A company which deals with customer service with the help of telephone calls which are undertaken by Telephone Customer Advisors (Consultants, Agents).  When consultants call clients, we call these outgoing calls.  In this way we can present offers to the customer or allow them to change their services from another provider (more…)

Contact center

A company offering complex customer service through all available communication channels.  Contact is possible via telephone, text message, e-mail, live chat, traditional letter and that is not all.  Contact centers are also active in areas which at first glance may not appear to be sales connected, eg, social media.  (more…)


Sales service via several channels at the same time.  This is the natural successor of the multichannel model – as the client expects that the company will offer him the same price, service and special offers, irregardless of the communication channel that he chooses.  (more…)



The helpdesk number is the one that you phone when you need help to solve a problem or you have to inform that something has gone wrong.  Consultants answering the helpdesk can help clients (external) or company workers (internal).  They receive calls about different kinds of problems.  (more…)



All actions which cause the customer of his or her own inciative to contact the company or service provider.  What can cause this?  For example: personalised emails with special discount offers sent to the customer, active service and building of customer relations via social media, a regularly upkept company blog where interesting articles can be found.  (more…)

Information line (hotline, helpline)

As the name suggests, this is a telephone line which gives information.  What the consultants explain on this telephone information line depends on the industry or service which it is set up for.  They can, for example, present the company’s offers, receive requests and pass them on to the appropriate department or inform about stock availability.


Live chat

This is an application which is similar to internet chat and which allows us to talk to the customer in real time during his visit to the website.  But unlike instant messanging, live chat has many functions which allow it to be used as a sales tool.  It is important to note that live chat can be adapted to suit the website.  (more…)



The availability of services and products by more than one sales channel – the customer can buy them not only in an actual shop but also an online shop.  This is the next – after actual shops (single) and virtual shops (e-commerce) – stage of sales development.



Imagine the situation, that a company from Germany wants to use an outsourcing call center service.  They look for the best partner.  Finally, convinced by an offer with a competitive price, in the appropriate language, with the right hours and qualified team, they decide to use a professional company from Poland.  (more…)



Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, nowadays customers have every possible shop and service in the world in their pockets.  Now it has become important to them to be able to get what they need quickly and without problems, no matter which way of communication with the brand they choose.  In answer to thiese expectations there is the service in the omnichannel model – guarenteed continuity, functionality and full personalisation of all available communication channels (more…)


The basis of outbound action is for the company to actively search for contact with clients.  Why does a company search for contact with clients?  At first sight it seems „to sell them products”.  And actually outbound is all of the action aimed at gaining clients eg telesales of products and services, special offer emails, text messages.  (more…)


The idea of outsourcing is to pass on the implementation of tasks connecting with running a business to an external company.  The main advantage of this kind of solution is to save time and money.  Creating and upkeeping your own call center takes a lot of financial investment and effort from employees.  (more…)


Relations B2B and B2C

These mysterious sounding abbreviations are a group of clients that the company communicates with.  B2B is short for Business to Business, in other words communication with a business client.  B2C is short for Business to Customer, in other words communication with an individual client.


Social Media Sales

This is a CCIG tool which allows gaining and providing service for customers on social media.  How does it work?  Thanks to appropriate analysis  of phrases written by a potential client on social media we can get to know his or her preferences and behavior on social media.  (more…)


Telephone Customer Advisor (Agent, Consultant)
Someone who deals with telephone customer service.  The best specialists in this profession, irregardless of whether they are making calls or answering them, always remembers that on the other side of the phone is another human being.  To call they need clear diction, correct tempo of speaking, empathy and creativity.  (more…)


This is all the activities connected with the sales of products/services during a telephone call.  The process begins by preparing the consultant for the call.  During his training he learns sales techniques, negociation skills and sales skills.  (more…)

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