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Wiemy, że najlepiej uczyć się na własnych doświadczeniach, ale również od innych. Słuchać uważnie i nie bać się zadawać pytań. Każda odpowiedź przybliża nas do sukcesu i stanowi kolejny krok na drodze samorozwoju.

Knowledge base



Back office

Department responsible for what happens at the “back” of sales, in other words the complex process of after sales and making sure everything  goes as it should.  The speedy input of contracts, their verification and filling in any missing information guarentees that the customer receives the ordered product quickly.  Effective dealing with complaints, returns and waivers, affects how the company is perceived by the consumer. (more…)


Call center

A company which deals with customer service with the help of telephone calls which are undertaken by Telephone Customer Advisors (Consultants, Agents).  When consultants call clients, we call these outgoing calls.  In this way we can present offers to the customer or allow them to change their services from another provider (more…)

Contact center

A company offering complex customer service through all available communication channels.  Contact is possible via telephone, text message, e-mail, live chat, traditional letter and that is not all.  Contact centers are also active in areas which at first glance may not appear to be sales connected, eg, social media.  (more…)


Sales service via several channels at the same time.  This is the natural successor of the multichannel model – as the client expects that the company will offer him the same price, service and special offers, irregardless of the communication channel that he chooses.  (more…)



The helpdesk number is the one that you phone when you need help to solve a problem or you have to inform that something has gone wrong.  Consultants answering the helpdesk can help clients (external) or company workers (internal).  They receive calls about different kinds of problems.  (more…)



All actions which cause the customer of his or her own inciative to contact the company or service provider.  What can cause this?  For example: personalised emails with special discount offers sent to the customer, active service and building of customer relations via social media, a regularly upkept company blog where interesting articles can be found.  (more…)

Information line (hotline, helpline)

As the name suggests, this is a telephone line which gives information.  What the consultants explain on this telephone information line depends on the industry or service which it is set up for.  They can, for example, present the company’s offers, receive requests and pass them on to the appropriate department or inform about stock availability.

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