Consumer service

We have been specializing in multi-channel sales of products and services for 18 years. We implement key projects for the largest representatives from industries such as telecommunications, banking, energy, FMCG, insurance, finance and aviation.

Customer service

Consumer service is one of the largest and fastest growing branches of the BPO sector.

As a leader in the call center industry, we provide the highest quality services and tools for multi-channel customer service. Satisfaction with the services we provide in the area of customer service translates into the perception of the brands of our Contractors, the conviction of high quality products and an increase in customer loyalty. As part of our projects, we operate information helplines, where we provide advice, as well as we specialize in servicing technical hotlines, where we receive reports of repairs, complaints, motions or complaints, register reports and solutions, monitor the work of services, track repairs, handle correspondence.

Our hotlines guarantee: high service level, increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, improvement of image, and most importantly, we try to provide customer service in such a way that you can see an increase in sales, which we successfully observe every day.

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