CSR – a western fad or a new direction?


More and more Polish businesses are being socially responsible.  We are hearing more and more about Corporate Social Responsibility. But what does it involve and why is it becoming more commonplace?

In today’s world clients and employees are not only looking for an attractive product or service from a company, but for something more. A company’s image, their ethical works and relationship with the environment, in other words their CSR is attracting more attention.  Often when two products are compared, the winning one is the one from the producer who put more effort into making his product environmentally friendly, for example by reducing the negative impact of their company on the environment or by reducing packaging.

However, social responsibility is not merely about the company fulfilling certain legal or formal criteria, it is also about increased investment in people.  And this is not only about non-paid services, which is a separate area.  This is about among other things helping to organise blood donations, supporting employees’ passions and talents, different kinds of trainings and courses.  This works in a similar way to the previously mentioned situation with products – potential employees choose a company which will support them not only with business responsibilities but will also allow them to fulfil other needs.

An example of such an action is blood donation, which is organised regularly in one of the largest call center service companies in Poland, Call Center Inter Galactica.  Just in the first quarter of the year our workers managed to collect almost 80 litres of blood.  The company supports the action by contacting blood banks or similar organisations allowing our employees to donate blood in a quick and easy manner.

In every town where we are located we try to organise a team from the regional blood bank to come to our branch or park their bus nearby, so that during their morning or afternoon breaks our workers can donate blood.  A few days before such a planned event we inform our staff what conditions need to be met to be able to donate blood and at during what times it will be possible.  A lot of people are interested in this event – says the event coordinator Elzbieta Gladkowska.

 Mateusz Dziadek, Team Manager z Kielc w akcji krew
CSR – a western fad or a new direction?

Collections for shelters, childrens’ homes or supporting different kinds of charities are only a few ways in which companies offer support. – We listen to the opinions of our staff and try to support actions which they want to be involved in. That’s why we often support their iniciatives, but that is not all. Remembering that people are the most important to us, this year we’ve set up the CCIG Enthusiasts programme, in order to support passions and talents – adds Elzbieta Gladkowska. The first edition of the programme has just been completed, in which CCIG will financially support 7 of its workers. It will help them among other things to publish a photo album, to buy sports equipment, to take part in strategic game workshops or horse riding
competitions. What is important is that upon entering the programme the participant states the exact aim and amount which are needed to develop their talents, and the company helps them with this. – I almost never put my camera down. Financial help will allow me to be able to buy a new lens to be able to record better films – says Mateusz Dziadek, Team Manager from Kielce, who received financial support through the programme to be able to buy a new lens.
This kind of action is not only present in the telemarketing industry. It is a global trend, whose development in Poland is getting quicker. Previously CSR was called a “Western fad” or a “trend”. Experts highlight however that appreciating the role of social responsibility in business is an issue for the near future. Despite the increase in financial output, the time consuming aspect of organising events, and even the need to cooperate with extra people, companies who understand its importance have no problem investing in it.

 We helped in Szlachetna Paczce in every city where CCIG locations are located
CSR – a western fad or a new direction?
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