CCIG at the eCommerce Expo 2015 in London


“Beyond Omni-Channel in Retail Strategy”, “Are you meeting your customer’s human needs?”, “Changes in customer behaviour that are impacting ecommerce”, “If you want to talk to the customer, you want to be on their mobile” – On the 1st and 2nd of October 2015 at National Olympia in London, the CONSUMER was the key topic of each discussion and presentation. CCIG also witnessed the events.

Ecommerce Expo is one of the biggest industry trade fairs in Europe. In 2015 there were about 30% more exhibitors than last year – and one of them was Call Center Inter Galactica. It shows the still hidden postential of eCommerce and how it is worth investing to take part in an event which allows us to observe the developments, trends and successes of this sector. Over 2 days almost 8000 visitors came to the trade fair.
CCIG was a participant at the London trade fair for the second time. In 2014 we exhibited as a supplier of outsourcing call center services during Contact Center Expo. The possibility of multilingual service, experience in all the key service and production industries, process flexibility and our own complex IT infrastructure, mean that we can compete even in foreign markets. This year we decided to take part in the „twin“ eCommerce trade fair, bearing in mind the potential brought to clients in the omnichannel model which CCIG guarentees by cooperating with companies in the group.
Throughout all the lectures and presentations the consumer was at the centre of the discussion. Now, not only „normal“ sales and pleasant customer service count in effective business. Continuity, functionality and full personalisation of all integrated available communication channels have one aim – a so called touchpoint with the consumer irregardless of the time and place or stage of the purchasing process, which allows us to build the customer’s experience. The activities and development of CCIG, work perfectly in this business model, and in this current market demand for omnichannel especially in Western Europe. For our connection with nearshoring service, experience with in and outbound, specialisations in telephone enquiries and sales, we are an attractive partner for business discussions.

During talks in a multinational arena we could state that our actions fit the trends which we can observe throughout Europe.
With this visit to the UK, we have begun an autumn of trade fairs for CCIG – with 3 big events still to come.

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