Call Center rental – virtual call center or in-house?


Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in the broadly understood customer service. By reacting quickly and professionally on customer inquiries, you achieve not only customer satisfaction, but also you inspire confidence in the brand. Small companies often do not consider the needed of expanding the customer service department but with the result of the rapid growth of the company, it is the client that suffers the most. In this scenario, call center rentals work wonders by helping companies to maintain and broaden the customer base. The trend of virtual call centers is growing rapidly, and the business sector finally admitted that outsourcing companies have a beneficial effect on brand building and profitability. However, to make a choice between a reliable outsourcing service center and an internal customer support team, it is necessary to understand the advantages that outsourcing carries, the so called “call center rental”.

We invite you to get to know 5 reasons why a virtual call center is better than in-house.

1. The costs of renting a call center
It is a myth that many companies cannot afford to rent a call center. The problem that is becoming more and more frequent is a way to calculate the costs that we incur on an in-house vs. call center rental costs. Often, in in-house only the staff costs of an employee are counted, and, among others, office maintenance, telephone connections, system licenses, departments support, rotation and training are omitted. After summing up all the components, it often turns out that outsourcing costs are a lot lower.

2. The minimization of risk
The contract signed between your company and the rented call center is designed to minimize risk associated with failure of using the project. This will definitely make you feel comfortable while using the virtual call center when you outsource parts of your processes.

3. Building of the scale
There are two ways to handle e.g. redundant traffic, which, in most industries, is caused by a service peak, mainly at the end of the year. The first way is the employment of people within the organization, which often after a period of time of increased sales, we are unable to offer a full-time job. The second way is to take advantage from outsourcing services – hiring a virtual call center that is able to provide services seasonally increased by up to 100-500% of standard traffic. Planning the preparations for the service at the shopping summit should start already in the summer season Knowledge of service processes, customer service standards and products is crucial when taking care of the part of inquiries or submissions. The quality of services provided at peaks should not differ from the quality presented off-peak. In the course of expanding the scale of operations, a virtual call center will allow your company to increase customer service scale without any hassles and no additional investment in technology.

4. Focus on efficiency
Thanks to the methods of settlements for the implementation of outsourcing projects based mainly on the hybrid model, in which, apart from the hour rate for the hours worked, the agent has still a part dependent on the outcomes, you can often achieve even higher goals in outsourcing than in in-house. It is the the external company that depends most on efficiency, thanks to which the income per hour of work is higher. When you outsource your business operations, for example, by hiring a call center, you can focus on what you know best, and that will increase your revenue and will contribute to your business development.

5. Trained staff
Call center rental services minimize the need for you to hire a training team. All you need to do is deliver materials with information on what knowledge an agent should have, and

an external virtual call center will take care of training consultants and of enforcing knowledge necessary for customer service. Considering the many benefits of hiring a call center, it’s worth taking the advantage of the experienced companies from the call center industry, which, thanks to the years of functioning on the market and carrying out projects for many companies from various industries can apply best practices into your project known beforehand from the previous implementations of other projects. The Virtual Call Center adjusts its activities to trends emerging on the customer service market each day, and thanks to this knowledge, it has the influence on achieving your goals. All this means that your company will always be one step ahead from the competitors.

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