Ambitious Opole – discussions about the devlopment perspectives of modern business services.


What brings investors to Central Europe? What is attractive for employers? What offices are available for business services? In what direction is the development of tal ent for advanced business services going? These are examples of topics which were discussed during the Green light for BSS Investment seminar – the perspectives of modern business service development in Opole.

The Seminar was addressed to the biggest multinational businesses, developers of office space and the educational sphere.  Everything was done in order to discuss in an effective group the key topics affecting the possibility of investment in Opole.  The President of Opole hosted the event for the third time, and one of the guests was Call Center Inter Galactica, one of the biggest investors in the Opole work market.

CCIG has one of its 8 sales branches in Opole – it occupies 3 floors of a building on Niedziałkowskiego street and cooperates with over 250 people, in roles such as Telephone Customer Advisor, Team manager, HR projects and specialists, trainings and also IT.  What are the reasons that CCIG has been in Opole since 2009 – for over 7 years?

The majority of the call center sector is concentrated in the Warsaw market, perhaps also in Poznan or Krakow.  CCIG’s strategy is to support the market outside of these areas – in Opole, Kielce, Częstachowa, Gdansk and now Gdynia.  We want to support the professional development of students who have less possibilities than those available in the biggest Polish cities. – explains Magdalena Grzelak, Chief Marketing Officer in CCIG and a participant in the discussion panel „They chose Opole” at the seminar.  – Through working with CCIG, young people have the possibility of beginning their professional career, taking part in innovative development paths – not only in sales, but also specialisations, we also offer them cooperation with other businesses from our group.  Aswell as this they all have the possibility of undertaking training in effective sales technique and in professional customer service, they learn how to be assertive, about customer typology and fluid communication – thanks to which they leave CCIG ready for even the most ambitious professional challenges.

Opole is an academic city, here we can find- Politechnika Opolska, Uniwersytet Opolski, Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Państwowa Medyczna Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa, Szkoła Wyższa im. Bogdana Jańskiego, Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji , among others – the majority of those working with CCIG are students, and the educational potential of Opole gives us access to such people.

That is not the only reason why Opole was an attractive point on the map for a branch of one of the fastest developing call centers in Poland.  The company’s headquarters is located in Wroclaw.  Opole was one of the first branches outside of the Lower-Silesian capital, and its location allowed it to be visited often, which was especially important when the branch was first set up.  Furthermore, CCIG had in its portfolio projects undertaken in German, so it was a natural direction of German language projects – Opole seemed the ideal solution, with the potential to cooperate with people fluent in the language of our Western neighbours.  Also the town has sentimental value – CCIG’s Managing Director
has private connections with the city.

Magdalena Grzelak judges – We see a lot of potential in situations where the city is involved in supporting local business.  Opole has a very positive reputation as an innovative city, an attractive place which supports cultural development, with strong creative regional and local media and a strong academic setting.  Two areas are particularly important – support in communicating with students and the development of international business.

CCIG specially creates its work offers to be an attractive partner for young people – the possibility of combining studying through flexible scheduling, wages every Friday, deliveries of fresh fruit twice a week, free medical care, the availability of sports cards or relaxation areas in the branch are just a few of them.

The company cooperates with Opole universities and other places of study to reach students through media or ambient solutions whose role is to educate and build awareness of what CCIG can offer, how important a first job is in building professional experience and of what they can possibly gain, and that a business located in Opole can giev them these opportunities.

Wikor Doktór – the Director of Pro Progressio Foundation, which has been supporting outsourcing in Poland adds – Building and maintaining relations between regional and local industries, on the one side to find out about potential business possibilities which they can offer each other and from the other side joining forces in building an attractive work market, finding positives working with partner employees, is the best way to effectively support Opole businesses.

Poland is one of the countries where the tempo of development of the BPO/SSC/ITO industries is one of the fastest in the world, among other reasons because of the importance for this industry of education, costs, legal reasons and infrastructure.  Opole is catching up, and even doing everything it can to overtake bigger agglomerations such as Wroclaw, Krakow and Katowice.  Thats why this meeting organised by the town’s council was a great support and an occasion of interesting discussions and new perspectives.

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