5 tips to being the best salesperson


Each salesman has their own ways of being the best.  Not all the tricks which work for one person, work for another.  The following tips are, however, so universal that they will help everyone on their way to success.

Not everyone knows that trainings and workshops, along with an office, headphones and a computer, are the key tools for a Telephone Consultant.  Because no one is born a good salesman.  Of course, there are people who have natural talent – they are communicative, open and quick to form good relationships with people.  But that does not mean that only they can become experts – just that it might be a bit easier for them,  The rest of the skills that are needed can be improved with practice.  At CCIG, every new Consultant gets a training packet on their first day.  This means that you sit down to the headphones, already well prepared.  Because from the very first call, you’ll be on your way to becoming the very best salesperson.  Use the knowledge which you gain from the initial training, but also use the workshops and coaching which comes afterwards.  At the first, you’ll learn among other things, new sales techniques, ways to deal with difficult clients and objections.  At the coaching, in other words, individual meetings with your manager, you’ll find out your strong points and areas that you need to work on, through examples of specific conversations. But you can expand your knowledge not only at training sessions.  Exchange your best methods with colleagues from your team.  Try their techniques, modify them.  Build your own workshop of a good salesperson on this base.


To paraphrase a famous saying; Speaking is silver – but silence is golden – and can be profitable. Some salespeople think that the more they talk, the more effective they are. And it is the exact opposite. Experts know that above all it is important to listen. Because your opinion needs to suit the client’s needs.  And the easiest way to find out what those are for the client to tell you himself.  And for that to happen, the customer needs to get a word in edgeways.  So don’t rush your sales talk.  Present your offer and give the customer a while to think about it.  Listen to their doubts.  Maybe he didn’t understand something and needs more explanation?  Or maybe he’ll say something which is ideal for you to use in your argument? By actively listening, you also show that you are interested and the customer is happier.  Your chances of finalising a sale increase.  As does the potential for the customer to stay loyal to the brand which is providing him with such a professional service.

Practice makes perfect, which is why you should make the most of your time at work.  Each conversation – even those which don’t finish successfully – make you more effective.  And you improve your sales skills and active listening.  Talking to a difficult client, even if it is unpleasant, helps you practice your argumentative skills, and that leads to more self-confidence.  And just as in sport – time spent on training, in other words, working – leads to better results

 Practice makes perfect, which is why you should make the most of your time at work. Each conversation – even those which don’t finish successfully – make you more effective.
5 tips to being the best salesperson

4.Get Involved
How involved you are in the conversation means more than the best prepared script.  That is because people are all different and it is difficult to prepare a script that suits every customer.  The best salesmen do not keep to the script word for word.  They take care to talk about all the obligatory aspects, but at the same time, adapt their language to suit the client.  What does this mean? That each conversation is different, although each must abide by the same rules.  Adapting the language, way and speed of speaking to an individual client brings results, with completed sales or high customer service grades.  Use your charm.  It will allow you to build understanding and cooperation on a joint perspective.  In this way, the customer will stop looking at you as “merely” a salesman – you’ll become their business partner, who they want to talk to.  If you’re involved in the conversation, it will be easier to make it successful, because naturally you’ll want to end it successfully for the client.

You’ve made the most of your trainings and workshops.  You listen carefully and actively.  You concentrate on your work.  You’re interested in every conversation.  Bravo – you’re on the right road to becoming a top salesman.  The cherry on the top of this cake will be your…smile.  Does it seem strange? It’s not important that the person you’re talking to can’t see you.  Many salesmen forget that you can hear a smile.  A happy person’s voice becomes warmer, his tone is more pleasant on the ear, the other person is even momentarily caught up in this positive attitude.  And it is much easier and effective talking in such a way.

These 5 tips are a good start on the road to success – to being the best possible salesperson.  All that’s left is to wish you good luck!

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