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Always look for an inspiration, spot the possibilities, be open to the world, persistenly strive for goals. We know that everyone stands for different values. For us it is important to know that it’s always worth talking.

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Open your eyes wide and you will see the many wonderful secrets hidden in your closest surroundings! Childish ability to be continuously astonished by the world is a skill we don’t necessarily loose with age. Always be open to inspiring discoveries so your appetite for life will not disappear. Let yourself get amazed, go beyond the scheme and be open both for changes and for other people. You can learn a lot from every one of them – and give a lot from yourself. That’s what it’s all about!

Be different,
be yourself

We’re all different and that’s why the dialogue can be a fascinating experience. Your personality influences others so it is worth caring about your personal development and to aim for being better and better in what you do. You would not believe how inspiring your enthusiasm could be! Doing something for yourself is doing it for others as well. Remember who you are and never change.

Are you looking for a professional contact center? Choose the best!

CCIG is a unique organization operating in the contact center industry created by professionals that specialize in effective, multi-channel B2C and B2B business communication with the end customer.

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Our offer includes providing communication services across all communication channels - traditional and modern, whether standard or tailored. We create them specifically to respond to the individual needs and expectations of our contractors' clients. Check how CCIG can benefit you.

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The basis for success in business are - best partners!

We build experience since 2002. It has allowed us to gain experience working with over 70 clients operating across different sectors, both manufacturing and service. Working for the best gave us the opportunity to observe changes taking place in business, and dynamically respond to the needs of our contractors by providing them with innovative, comprehensive and flexible solutions. Our portfolio is a direct reflection of our commitment to success.

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What I like best in CCIG is the atmosphere that makes me come to work with a smile on my face plus the fact, that I can work in such a young and energetic team.

Paulina Pyrek, Shift Manager. With CCIG since 2009.

While on my first year at the University, encouraged by the good opinions about CCIG, I joined the consultants team. Today I am a Project Manager and I am sure that this place is an ideal solution for those who are just taking their first steps on their career patch as well as for those with working experience.

Alicja Stecka, Project Manager. With CCIG since 2009.

What I value the most at CCIG is the possibility of personal fulfilment. While achieving new work goals I achieve my personal ones as well. I like looking for new solutions.

Kamil Wasik, Director Sales Operations. With CCIG since 2008.

I came to CCIG thinking that I would stay for 2 weeks. However, the atmosphere at the company and the possibility of developing my skills meant that I stayed and went through a career path: from Consultant, to Manager, to Shift Manager, to Business Unti Manager. I currently run a Czestochowa location, which brings me great satisfaction every day.

Sylwia Surkont, Business Unit Manager. With CCIG since 2009.

I turned up at CCIG towards the end of my studies and it was supposed to be a short adventure, whilst I simultaneously wrote my Masters thesis. I satyed in the company because of the incredible atmosphere and the people who make you want to come to work every morning.

Michał Majewski Research & Development Specialist. With CCIG since 2010.

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We value people as they are. In every man we attempt to spark motivation and inspiration to change for the better. Towards a better tomorrow. We value people who know what is important. If you're one of them, our team is ready for you.

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